When you need or want to get a wig, there are many choices. Style and color, of course, are big choices, but you also need to choose which type of wig you would like to get. There are two basic choices: a synthetic wig or a human hair wig. Which one is best for you?

All About Synthetic

In years past synthetic wigs could look pretty rough, but nowadays they are actually pretty good, thanks to technological advances. Synthetic has many positives. First of all, it does not require much styling. The style is permanently set into the wig, and it will bounce back into shape easily. They do have “heat-friendly” synthetic wigs that may allow you to style them, but it just does not work well all of the time.

Synthetic wigs do not last that long. They may last up to six months before they look too ratty for public wear. However, they are quite affordable compared to human hair!

Human Hair Wigs

A human hair wig obviously looks more natural, but they are also pricier. It makes sense, because someone would definitely want to get compensated for giving up their hair for a wig! Some human hair wigs are higher quality than others. Some have been carefully produced ensuring that the hair follicles are all going in the same direction, and others have been thoroughly processed to get the exact uniform color on each strand of hair. Those options are definitely the most expensive.

Human wigs do last longer, up to a year, but they require a significant amount of care. Human hair wigs need to be conditioned and moisturized on a regular basis, just like any human hair. Many people choose to have their human hair wigs styled by a professional in preparation for wear, because they do not come out of the box ready to wear like synthetic.

Choosing Human Hair or Synthetic Wigs

Now you know the ups and downs of both synthetic and human hair wigs. Whichever one you choose is up to you! If you’re looking for value and a solid style, synthetic would be great for you. If you prefer a flexible look and long-lasting style, go with human hair.

No matter what you’re looking for Transitions Hair Loss Centers offer quality wigs designed for a totally natural and completely undetectable appearance. To find a hair replacement studio nearest you click here.




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