What is a Hair Replacement System?

hair replacement systems patches men womenWhen you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s not uncommon to think your only viable option is to go bald or face throwing on an outdated toupee. But hair replacement systems have advanced over the years and are more than a wig unit. Yet, there’s still confusion about what a hair system really is. So, it’s key to debunk the myths and know the basics about hair systems. Here’s a quick guide to what a hair system is (and what it is not):

A Hair Replacement System is not a Toupee

A men’s hair replacement system is actually a “hair prostheses” or artificial body part designed to replace or enhance your hair. With a hair replacement system, human or synthetic hair is attached to a monofilament-, lace- or skin-line base and then applied to the head or body part. Several marketing terms exist for hair replacement systems for women and men, including toupees, hairpieces and strand-for-strand insertion systems. But various types of hair system options are available, so they aren’t simply toupees. Here are a few hair systems to consider:

  • Semi-permanent hair systems. These hairpieces require removal by a professional and may include attachment via natural bond, bonding, or poly fuse. They offer long-lasting wear but may require loosening on a weekly basis. This may include wigs and toupees, which have been in use for centuries.
  • Hairpieces with temporary adhesives. Hair professional use double-sided tape to attach to this type of hairpiece. It may leave a sticky residue and is not suitable for swimming since it is a temporary attachment.
  • Clip attachment. This type of attachment is easy to remove since it uses clips to attach to the hair. However, it is for temporary use.

Hair Replacement Systems Offer Comfort

Some may believe that hair replacement systems are itchy, hot, or uncomfortable. However, modern technology and improved methods for attaching hair systems have provided us with amazingly realistic results that are cool, easy to maintain, and virtually undetectable to the eye or the touch. In fact, there are different attachment options to accommodate comfort. For example, you can take advantage of hair replacement systems that use natural human hair and bonding to the scalp or lightweight, cooling mesh fabric for a comfortable fit.

Can I Go Swimming with a Hair Replacement System On?

A hair system offers several benefits for hair restoration, but one that may be surprising is that you can get your hair system wet. Modern hair systems are equipped for sustaining getting wet, so that means you can even go swimming with a hair system. Modern hair systems use adhesives that are strong and waterproof. Find the best type that’s right for you by consulting with a hair professional.

Final Thoughts

From offering flexibility in attachment options to accommodate comfort to surviving water submersion when going swimming, there are several benefits to using a hair replacement system. But choosing the right one calls for doing a little research beforehand. Consider your needs, make sure it fits the size of your head, and opt for a hair replacement system with an age-appropriate level of thickness. By following these tips, you can find a hair system that’s right for you.

Solutions for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

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