winter hairDry air and freezing temperatures can make your winter hair frizzy and damaged. To preserve your hair from the brutal winter, you will want to switch up your hair care routines to tackle these particular seasonal challenges. While there are lots of great hair products out there, you can also try some simple ways to maintain healthy winter hair.

  1. Stop Split Ends with Oil-Based Moisturizers

Winter hair can easily become dehydrated from dry indoor air and over usage of hair dryers or straighteners. That dehydration results in split ends and rough hair cuticles. With the aid of weekly hair conditioners and natural oils, you can stop split ends from happening. Coconut oil and shea butter are great options which will deeply condition hair. If you have split ends, make sure to get a trim to keep them from travelling further up the hair shaft, then continue to heavily moisturize.

  1. Silk Scarves Will Prevent Tangles and Dullness

Stuffing your hair into a beanie or letting it drift freely over your wool coat can cause rough hair cuticles and lots of tangles. Plus, constant contact with certain fabrics can leach moisture from your hair. To keep your hair at its best, try wearing a silk scarf underneath a wool hat, and use it as a protective layer for your hair. This trick can also keep away the unflattering hat hair.

  1. Completely Dry Your Hair before Going Out into the Cold

You may feel that by not using your hair dryer you will avoid winter dryness; however, you increase your risk of breakage if you go outside with damp hair. When wet hair gets cold it expands, which will increase your threat of breakage. Actually, going out into the cold with wet hair can also make colored hair fade quicker. A better fix for winter hair is to use heat protectants and lots of natural oils if you don’t have time to let your hair air dry.

Incorporate these recommendations into your routine winter hair care, and you’ll say good-bye to frizzy, unmanageable, wintertime hair. You’ll also be rewarded with healthier, gorgeous hair that will be springtime hair trend ready!

A dry itchy scalp caused by winter damage can lead to hair loss, particularly if you live in a colder climate. If you’re suffering from hair loss, Transitions Hair Loss Centers offer a wide variety of options that are custom tailored to you and your specific case. Schedule your free consultation today by finding a Transitions Hair Loss Center near you!



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