A story from someone with Trichotillomania

My name is Katie and I have struggled with Trichotillomania since the age of ten. I am now twenty-nine years old and I’ve been trying to control and hide my condition for almost 20 years. I compulsively pull my own hair out as a way to “cope” with stress. It is not an easy disorder to hide when you’re constantly pulling your hair out to the point of developing large bald spots. Most people don’t understand why someone would do this to their own scalp. The urge is uncontrollable. I feel a sense of relief and pleasure after I pull my hair out. It is a release for me and even though I know it makes me look ugly, I can’t stop myself from doing it.

Millions of people nationwide share my struggle. Doctors haven’t figured out an absolute cause for my disorder and therefore no medications have been proven effective to help control urges. I have turned to psychotherapy and support groups to reduce my hair pulling incidents, but the way I’ve improved my appearance is through Transitions hair loss replacement solutions. They suggested a non-surgical hair system and nobody can tell it’s not my natural hair. With the new technology and quality of the hair it can be cut and styled to fit me. I can even use a curling iron if I want to change up my look.

My outlook on life has drastically changed for the better! Just knowing that I can go out and be social without getting strange looks or being bombarded with questions has cut down on my stress significantly. Feeling pretty and “normal” has actually helped me with my condition. I still struggle with my hair pulling urges but the ability to look like everyone else definitely has lessened those urges. I would recommend Transitions Hair Loss Centers to anyone who is living with Trichotillomania.

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