Trichotillomania is a hair loss disorder that needs an awareness week to help those that struggle with it. Studies show that two to ten million Americans struggle with Trichotillomania. Many people do not realize that this disorder affects so many individuals, which is why this awareness week helps to stimulate education and understanding. Here at Transitions Hair Loss Centers we want to help spread the word about Trichotillomania.

What is Trichotillomania?

  • It is pronounced trick-oh-till-oh-MAY-nee-ah, but most people call it Trich or TTM. That’s a little easier to say!
  • Trich in its simplest definition is compulsive hair pulling. This chronic behavior does not involve only pulling of hair on the head, but also the individual may pull hair from arms, face, legs, and even pubic area. Some individuals do not realize that they are pulling their hair, while others have a intense urge to do so.
  • This can affect anyone at any age, but by adulthood it is more likely to effect women. The studies shows that this disorder can be found in individuals that are happy, well adjusted, as well as those that struggle with stress and anxiety. The Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) have seen evidence of this disorder through genetics.
  • A cure to this disorder does not exist yet. An individual with some help, can find ways to cope with this disorder.

How can you participate?

  • You are on a great start by understanding the need for knowing what Trichotillomania is. Our understanding will help those who are in need for treatment to not be ashamed and seek help from support systems.
  • Share to the world what you know about Trich or even share a video to help tell the story. Here is a video we like!
  • Tell one person a day during Trichotillomania Awareness Week about the disorder. That’s only 7 people!
  • TLC have designed small cards that can be printed and posted on bulletin boards everywhere. Print and post these cards.

If you need more information or ideas to help spread the word, check out TLC’s website at Become aware and share the knowledge to others to help those who have Trich to feel comfortable talking about it and seek support!


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