If you didn’t know, October 1-7 is Trichotillomania Awareness Week. TLC or the Trichotillomania Learning Center is an organization that’s main focus and goal is to bring attention to hair pulling and skin picking disorders to everyone who will listen to help show that those who suffer from them are not alone and that there are places to go to seek help.


Trichotillomania is classified as an obsessive-compulsive RELATED disorder that varies in severity depending on the individual. Specifically, this disorder is the act of hair pulling that results in noticeable bald patches. A few causes of the hair pulling can be from stress, habit, a sense of pleasure or relief, or a way to cope. This disorder isn’t just related to adults, but can start in children before the age of 10.


For some, the condition is mild enough where just the knowledge of doing it is enough to stop. They just have to think about it more so they don’t do it. But for many, that’s not the case. They need therapy and counseling to help overcome the need to pick their hair out. There are many psychotherapists around who are well trained in this type of therapy. TLC actually has many resources like doctors to go to and places where you can find to help with the hair restoration process.

Transitions Hair Loss Centers is a safe place to go to if you suffer from Trichotillomania. Our trained hair loss professionals are so eager to help you and restore your hair back to what it was. This condition can just be a thing from the past that you won’t have to worry about again. If you’re suffering from any other hair loss condition, Transitions Hair Loss Centers is a place that can take care of you. We offer laser hair therapy, medical wigs, men’s hair solutions, and more. Go ahead, contact us HERE, and schedule a free consultation and we can find the best hair loss solution for you.


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