Non-Surgical Hair Replacement For Men: Dave’s Story

I had always had a full head of hair up to the age of about twenty-one. Once I hit that age the hair just kept falling out faster and faster. So to make myself feel younger and more confident in everything I do, I decided I had to do something about it. I ended up going with the Transitions Hair Replacement treatment. Now I feel so much better. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t feel their age. Actually, I feel younger than my age. It works for me. It’s key for me. I’m an engineer and a supervisor and I’ve been at my job for approximately twenty-one years. When I first started my job I would wear a baseball hat everyday. One day I came in with my new hair and I took my hat off. Everybody was looking at me like something was different. At that time I had also shaved my goatee but they didn’t think that was the difference although they seemed to buy that theory anyway. From that day on I felt I got a little more respect along with a new job title. I wasn’t just seen as a fresh face, but a newer, and younger face. Since then I feel more confident and surer of myself in my decision-making. I get up in the morning. I take a shower. I go to the mirror, run a brush through my hair a couple times, and I’m ready to go. It’s that easy.  The rest of the day I never have to worry about it. I come home from work and if I’m going out, I can style my hair differently. It’s simple and easy. The kids don’t know me as balding accept when they look at old baby pictures and see my baldhead. They say, “Whoa, dad that was you?” I say, “Yeah that was me.” We joke about it. Overall, maintenance has been easy, and I’m very happy with my new head of hair. In life you’ve got to do things for yourself. And this hair treatment is one of the things I did for myself. Now I feel confident and proud.  –Dave

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