What you need to know about Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by damage to the hair follicles from hairstyles that tug on the hair. It commonly occurs in women who wear cornrows, braids and extensions in their hair, but also affects dancers and gymnasts who pull their hair into tight buns and ponytails, and those who excessively or vigorously brush and/or backcomb their hair.

Traction alopecia from hair styling is reversible; when you take a break from hair styling, your hair will start to regrow. However, if your hair begins to grow back and you revert to your old ways, you will weaken your hair follicles, which may damage your hair further, preventing it from growing back.

Take proper care of your hair to reduce your risk of developing traction alopecia. Although brushing helps eliminate tangles, don’t use brushes with metal prongs, as the prongs can harm your hair. Gently remove tangles from the ends upwards and avoid tugging at your hair.

Hair ties and clips are useful styling aids, but it’s important to choose and use them with caution. When buying hair accessories, examine the edges for sharpness, and avoid those with harsh ends that will pinch or snag hair. If you regularly use hair accessories, remove them before you go to sleep to give your hair a break from the constant traction.

When tying your hair up, don’t use uncovered elastic bands, as they can put undue stress and strain on your hair shaft and cause breakage and hair loss. Avoid winding hair ties too tightly around your hair, and try not to pull your hair away from your forehead because this can damage the hair at the front and sides of your temples.

Hair extensions can transform the look of your hair and Transitions Hair Loss Centers have a wide range of options. When hair extensions are a necessity, and there is no alternative option, consult a reputable hair loss specialist from one of our many Transitions Hair Loss Centers.

The best way to prevent traction alopecia is to care for your hair just as you would any other part of your body. Protecting your hair from unnecessary damage is particularly important, because it will help you ensure your hair maintains its strength and thickness in the long term.

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