Many people believe that hair loss is a male issue. However, at least a third of women also experience hair loss. Most often this results in female thinning hair without going bald.

According to Harvard Medical School, thinning hair in women can result from numerous causes, ranging from inflammation to female-pattern hair loss. In many cases, it can be stabilized or even reversed. When such treatments or strategies do not work, various cosmetic approaches can help — including extensions.

Thinning hair extensions womenWhat Causes Hair Thinning Among Women?

It is important to understand that some hair loss is normal. In fact, the average individual loses anywhere between 50 to 100 hairs per day. This is based on your hair’s natural growth cycle, consisting of the anagen stage (when hair is actively growing), the catagen stage (when hair is preparing to shed), and the telogen stage (when hair is expelled).

In some cases, the underlying cause is external, resulting from medication, tight hairstyles, or a highly stressful event. In other cases, hair loss and thinning occur due to internal factors, such as a shift in hormones or a thyroid issue. There may also be a genetic component, which is associated with female-pattern hair loss.

Regardless of the underlying causes, hair thinning results when your hair cycle is disrupted. Although women most often notice thinning hair in their 50s or 60s, you may notice hair loss at any age. For example, as many as 40 to 50 percent of pregnant women will notice excessive hair shedding, anywhere from one to five months following pregnancy.

Is Your Hair Thinning? Extensions Can Help!

Whether you want to add length or volume, hair extensions can instantly help you achieve beautiful, natural results. Best of all, you can obtain hair extensions designed specifically for your hair texture, color, density, and age. Introducing Reallusions custom hair replacement, these extensions are individualized, offering a solution that is as unique as yourself.

If you are just beginning to experience hair loss or are suffering from a condition that is causing temporary hair loss, extensions are the perfect solution. Instantly add density and volume, targeting the specific areas that are thinning. Experience incredible results to regain your confidence today!

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