Did you ever notice as summer gets closer and closer people become more obsessed with working out and diets? They are getting down to the wire to make themselves feel great in a bathing suit. How can we blame them right? We all want to our best, even during the summer months. If your anything like the average person, then you want to look great from your head to your toes. This means you have to take care of your hair! Cold winter months and damp spring can actually cause damage to your hair if not properly cared for. We have a few tips that will give you the sexy hair that will help turn heads at the beach.

Visit Your Hair Replacement Specialist Or Hair Stylist

Getting a haircut is the easiest step you can do. During the winter months your hair would become dry and develop split ends. We would be thrilled to help get rid of your split ends which will add a fuller look.

Snap A Picture Of The Top Of Your Head

It is wise for everybody to take a selfie of his or her head to keep an eye on any hair loss. A few things to keep in mind are how thick your hair is. We recommend taking a picture ever so often and if you notice any thinning of your hair, then do something about it immediately. Your best option is to seek a hair loss specialist at one of our Transitions Hair Loss Centers, because we can slow down and stop hair loss if caught early enough. If your noticing any spots that are bald, then you could have a more serious hair loss problem and we can help you manage it.

Tight Pony Tails No More

During the summer months the beach hair look is what becomes hot. A very loose, easy flowing, and raw beach look is the trend, which is the complete opposite of a look requiring a tight ponytail. Not only is it the summer trend, but you will also be doing your hair a favor. Did you know that tight braids or ponytails could cause hair loss? They call this traction alopecia and over time can cause baldness.

Condition Your Hair

Hydration is very important to having healthy hair. Deep conditioning is a great way to restore hair that is damaged and dry. It is best to have a hairstylist begin this process, and then you can maintain it from there. You will only need two things, a shower cap and a conditioner that is of good quality. The process is fairly simple; wash your hair, put condition in your hair, and put the shower cap over your hair that still has the conditioner in. After about 15 minutes, take the shower cap off and rinse out the conditioner.

Replace Old Hair Products

When were the last times that you replaced hair products that have been sitting around for a while? We typically find ourselves buying multiple products and then letting them sit on the shelves for while. Go through the ones you have and get rid of any that have expired. If you have noticed that they do not smell as they should or the texture of them has changed then it is definitely time to throw them out.




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