One fairly common loss of hair issue is Trichotillomania. It is the urge to deliberately pull out ones hair, often in large clumps. Up to 4 million people are struggling with this. Onset can begin as early as 9 years, with 12-13 being the largest pre-teen group, on up to adulthood. Pre-teens often outgrow this. However adults may require professional counseling and therapy. The consequence of continual hair pulling can lead to infection, permanent hair loss and even gastrointestinal problems if hair is chewed and swallowed. Surgery may then be needed. The most likely time for such pulling is inactive activity, i.e., talking on the phone, reading, working on computers or watching TV.

Those who suffer with this often disguise the hair loss with wigs, scarves or hats. It can for some be a mild issue but for many it can cause withdrawal from family, friends and interfere with the work environment. Even though there is no physical bodily harm it can be debilitating causing low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

The only way to deal with this issue is through professional help. Therapy that provides coping skills to deal with the underlying cause can help reverse the habit. Medications can be prescribed that would lesson the stress issues while working on the coping skills. Therapy and medication can help halt the progression of Trichotillomania.

However what has been lost cannot be replaced. The hair loss professional can help. While working through therapy a natural looking wig will provide much needed self-confidence. Basically there are two types of wigs. One is the off-the-shelf factory made synthetic hair and the second is the hand sewn natural hair. With the synthetic type the cap is one-size-fits-all and the style you choose cannot be changed. The strands have been treated with harsh chemicals that can affect the integrity of the wig.

Human hair wigs use hair taken from the donor in a ponytail and kept that way until used so that the cuticles are going in the same direction as if growing from the scalp. This gives a softer more natural shine no tangle result. The huge plus is that this type allows you to use blow dryers and curling irons to style it as you wish. The hair is taken mostly from four countries. The European hair is much finer and more natural looking. The caps are available in three sizes for a perfect fit.

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