telogen effluvium winter stress thinning hairThe holidays will soon be upon us and part of what makes the holidays so much fun is also a significant cause for stress, especially among parents and grandparents. Holiday stress is noted to be an exhausting situation that is far too common, and that stress can lead to significant hair shedding, particularly in individuals with weakened or compromised immune systems.  This type of hair loss is manifested most typically in the form of telogen effluvium, or abnormal stress on the human immune system, as can be triggered by long term recovery from Covid 19, cancer treatments, and immunotherapy.

When we are experiencing stress during holidays, chemicals are released in reaction to that stressful situation, and those chemicals do damage to the strength of our hair and our overall immune system. Make this holiday less stressful by trying a few suggestions for maintaining healthy hair during the holidays by not stressing out.

Stress, Hair Loss, & Your Holiday Schedule

‘Tis the season to be very busy! Holidays often mean more shopping, visiting, decorating, tidying and work of all kinds. People cook traditional holiday meals, but the clock and the calendar don’t always seem to agree with our best laid holiday plans.

Schedule your holiday tasks as early as possible and enjoy the feeling of calmness from worrying less about time. If you bake, bake early and freeze holiday dishes and desserts. Consider a potluck with family or neighbors and share the meal and the tidying in a cheerful way.

Review and Revive Your Hair and Scalp Care Routine

Holiday time for many people takes place during extreme temperatures. Whether you live in a warm or a cold climate, dress to be comfortable for outdoor weather and protect hair from damaging UV rays with hats or scarves.

Choose a Holiday Hairstyle That Is Gentle on Hair

Whether your holiday hairstyle is bejeweled pomp and circumstance or simple elegance, achieve your style in ways that are gentle on your hair and scalp.

Avoid using heated styling tools and let hair dry naturally as often as possible. Be gentle if you are braiding or twisting your hair. Avoid hair clips and hair elastics that are designed in ways that can damage the hair shaft. Opt instead for gentle hair clips and elastics made of materials that are less likely to catch on your hair and cause breakage.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Holiday Hair That Shines

Paying attention to your food and drink during the holidays is one of the best ways to destress, increase your enjoyment, reduce hair loss and support your overall health. Staying hydrated is important. Drink more fluids during holiday time as busy schedules, overindulgence, unusual foods and salty snacks can all conspire to cause dehydration. That dehydration is stressful and can cause hair to become fragile, easy to break and slower to regrow. Eat healthy snacks and don’t skip lunch. We have a sparkling holiday when we are nourished and calm. Happy holidays.

Keeping yourself healthy during the holidays can help eliminate holiday stress as well as reduce the risk of hair loss. At Transitions member hair replacement centers near you, hair loss prevention and treatment programs were created by dedicated hair loss specialists to offer unparalleled results for women and men combating damaged hair, thinning hair, and hair loss. So, whether you are spending the holidays this year with the in-laws in Baltimore, or enjoying fun in the sun in balmy Fort Lauderdale, why not get a head start on taking care of your hair by contacting a hair loss treatment professional near you to explore the many proven solutions for thinning hair that are available today.

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