stressThe Covid 19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation with business shut downs, imposed quarantines, and people getting sick and dying from the disease. Coronavirus has not only impacted physical health through the disease but has had a massive emotional impact on people. Stress affects hair loss so it is vital to be able to manage emotions and stay in control during Covid 19. Here’s how you can stay positive and help your hair during quarantine.

Get a Routine

When you are under quarantine it is all too easy to stay in bed all day and do nothing. This does not help morale or your health. Get a routine into your day by getting up at a regular time, including some relaxation and physical exercise, and planning to do one thing each day. This will give you a sense of achievement and leave you feeling less anxious.

Limit the News Feeds

The news bulletins are continuous and Covid 19 is the only story in town right now. Scrolling through news feeds or watching constant bulletins on TV can cause stress, be exhausting and overwhelming, particularly when there is a lot of bad news and tragedy. Limit your attention to one or two news bulletins a day. This gives you time to process what is happening and is not overwhelming. You also get time to watch a feel-good movie or do some crafting or reading.

Eat Healthily

Fresh and nourishing food is vital to stay healthy and maintain good hair health. Make sure you eat lots of protein and fresh fruit and vegetables during quarantine. Avoid take outs and hyper processed foods. If you are unable to get out to the grocery store, look at getting a home delivery of fresh food. You can also spend the time in quarantine learning new healthy recipes.

It’s Ok to Not be Ok

Covid 19 has been a traumatic experience for most people. Experiences range from overwhelming situations in the workplace to job loss and bereavement. If you are feeling anxious about the situation, talk to someone. There are several organizations offering emotional support at this time as there are so many people who require help, either because they find the situation hard to deal with or are lonely in quarantine. By getting help for your emotional needs you will help your physical health and well-being, including your hair.

At Transitions Hair Loss Centers, we know stress can lead to hair loss and affect not only your appearance, but how it can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem in family, social and professional interactions. To find a hair loss solution for you, click here.



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