Spring has sprung and your hair has been in damage hibernation for months. The blustery cold days of winter can wreak havoc on your hair. Leaving it dry and brittle, often to the point of breakage. Much like spring-cleaning hair stylists all agree that spring is the best time to reverse the damage the winter may have caused and give your hair a new start. The following steps can be taken to get your hair healthy and summer ready:

Get Your Hair Trimmed

Split ends are a tell tale sign of hair damage and getting them snipped off is a great start to healthier hair. Often times split ends give the appearance of having shorter and thinning hair. Ironically, getting your ends trimmed actually makes your hair look longer.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Hair Care

Far too often people don’t notice their own hair loss until about 50 percent of it has occurred. Springtime is a great time to start a ritual of closely monitoring your scalp. Routinely check to see if your hairline has receded or if you notice some extra thinning or even bald patches on your head. Since we can only see so much of our own scalp it may be easier to take a picture of your scalp once in awhile and observe your photo. If some thinning or actual hair loss were taking place it would be very beneficial to contact a hair loss professional right away.

Stop Wearing Tight Updos

Give your hair a break by wearing looser ponytails and buns. Loose updos never go out of style and are simple to wear. They are safer for your hair than tight updos because they don’t pull on your scalp and damage your roots, eventually causing Traction Alopecia, which is a serious hair loss condition.

Hydrate Your Hair

In order to maintain healthy hair it requires moisture. Using conditioners after you shampoo your hair will revitalize dull and damaged hair to the point where you can see and feel the difference. For healthier results stylists often recommend using sulfate free hair products. Also be aware that hair products will expire over time and it is important to do a little spring-cleaning of your bathroom. If your products smell bad or look strange throw them away immediately.

Have you noticed unusual hair loss or hair thinning? Contact InVisions of Connecticut today for a free consultation with one of our hair restoration experts.

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