It is natural to think that gray hair only comes from age. The truth of the matter is, it based on your genetics and not your age! According to many medical experts, gray hair will come to you at around the same time it happened for your parents. None of us can control when gray hair will start, but we do have some control over how fast gray hair occurs.

Slow Down Gray Hair

alopecia chemotherapy trich medical wigs for hair lossOne way for women to slow down gray hair is by starting a regimen that includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin B9, and PABA. A recommended regimen is as follows; with your normal breakfast, take 2MCG of Vitamin B12. During lunch, take 200IU of Vitamin E. Vitamin E will help with dryness of your hair and increase follicle strength.

Throughout the day it is recommended that you consume 400 and 800 mcg of B9. Insufficient amounts of B9 may cause gray hair. Last thing to consider is taking 400 mcg of PABA with other PABA rich foods. PABA has been thought to prevent gray hair and bring back color to hair that has already gone gray. Although there are no clinical trials to prove the use of vitamins, it is one more thing that won’t hurt to try. To ensure vitamins is safe for you, be sure to consult your doctor before starting a vitamin regimen.

Coloring Gray Hair

Some of us are to the point that we want immediate help with gray hair. If you find yourself as one of these individual, then you can color your hair and get rid of gray hair for a temporary amount of time. There are many options when coloring your hair, so you might want to talk with your stylist about the right option for you.

Wearing a Human Hair Wig Over Your Gray Hair

Transitions Hair Loss Centers have helped many people dealing with gray hair with the help of a high quality 100% human hair wig. What is great about a wig is it covers your gray hair, but can also give you a style you always wanted. That’s right, you can choose from a lot of different colors and styles! If this sounds like an option for you, then contact a Transitions member hair loss specialist near you.


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