Self-Esteem, Confidence, & Attractiveness

There is a reason the “good hair day” is a thing. How we feel about ourselves, our hair being a huge part of that, can make or break an interview. It can mean the difference between getting a second date and having to go back to the dreaded dating app. Confidence is attractive. When we look and feel our best we are ready to conquer the world. So, if a “good hair day” can give you confidence it only makes sense the reverse, a perpetual “bad hair day” or hair loss, would have an adverse effect. Our confidence is often tied to how we perceive ourselves and thinning hair can defiantly put a damper on that view lowering our self-esteem.

First Impressions Count

In 2015, the Richmond Institute for Continuing Dental Education did a study on how much Americans spend on their appearance. They found that Americans spend $100 billion on hair care, double the amount they spend on their dental care. That staggering amount says a lot about how we view our hair and its importance. We want that full head of hair to make us look young and fresh.

Let’s face it; no one wants to look older than they actually are. Thinning hair can add 10 years to a person’s appearance. Society automatically links thinning hair with aging, bad hygiene or an illness; leading people to spend thousands on treatments and products that promise to give them the youthfulness of thicker fuller hair.

If you think about how you describe someone, it always includes his or her hair. Is her hair short? Long? Thick? Is he bald? What color is her hair? Our hair means a lot to us. How we feel about our hair can have a dramatic effect on our self-esteem. When you see someone for the first time their hair is a large part of how you view them. As much as we try not to care what others think of our appearance, we do. First impressions are important. When we go in for that interview or on that first date, we try to make a good one. We want to look and feel our best proving we will meet, and exceed, their expectations.

Self-Perceptions & Well Being

Our self-esteem is linked to how we perceive ourselves and the way we think others view us. Losing one’s hair can be traumatic, especially for those who experience it when they are young. With so many misconceptions about why people lose their hair, it is important to know their options to help them achieve that ever-coveted “good hair day.”

Solutions for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

At Transitions International, our members know first-hand how hair loss can affect not only your appearance but also your self-confidence and self-esteem in family, social, and professional interactions.

Whether you live in Dallas, Texas, Burlington, Vermont or anywhere in between, if you are experiencing the devastating effects of hair loss and would like to learn more about non-surgical hair replacement for men options available to you, we invite you to consider scheduling a free private, confidential consultation with an experienced hair loss professional near you.