salt waterYour first instinct is to protect your hair from salt water, especially if you enjoy a lot of ocean time. Over-exposure to the sun and water is hard on your locks if you don’t take protective measures. But salt water itself is not the problem. In fact, it can revitalize your strands and even heal your scalp. Saltwater exposure is a natural and effective hair treatment.

Saltwater Benefits

The salt crystals in salt water attach to and add body to your hair. You’ve probably noticed this effect after taking a dip in the ocean. These same salt crystals also remove scalp scales and soothe itching heads. In addition, salt water can purify your hair of unhealthy elements such as mercury while adding beneficial minerals like magnesium, selenium and potassium. Ever wanted beachy waves without the fuss? Go to the actual beach and dive right into the water.

Salt water is also a terrific natural shampoo, especially for people with oily hair. It removes the excess oil as well as the dulling buildup left by some hair-care products. It fights dandruff and fungus while offering healing effects for the scalp. You’ll also experience increased blood flow to your hair follicles.

Salt Water Negatives

Salt water can over-dry your hair. The salt crystals draw moisture out of the center of your strands, so if you have naturally dry hair or chemically-treated hair, you have to be careful to properly manage your hair before and after exposure. After any swim in the ocean, be sure to carefully shampoo your locks and use a conditioner to restore lost moisture.

DIY Saltwater Treatment

You don’t have to live near the ocean to benefit from saltwater. You can make your own saltwater shampoo with castile soap and sea salt. It’s simple to do and quite affordable. Just be cautious until you determine how your hair reacts to the salt. If you are like many people, you will notice fuller, shinier and healthier hair and enjoy a smoother scalp.

Salt water is not the natural enemy of hair. Used properly, it can transform your locks into something special. At Transitions Hair Loss Centers, our conditioner restores moisture to hair and scalp and acts as a moisturizer and conditioner which includes all the critical nutrients and minerals and delivers them to the hair shaft. To find a location near you click here.


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