face shapeWe’re all different in terms of our appearance, which is why not every hairstyle will be perfectly suited for your unique face shape. If you have ever gone into a salon with a photo of a certain style, but it just didn’t look quite right on you, it may be due to the shape of your face.

Whether your face is oval or heart-shaped, there are certain styles that are worth exploring. By drawing attention to your unique facial features, you’ll benefit from a fresh new look as you beam with confidence.

Oval Face Shape

You’re in luck because oval-shaped faces can pretty well pull off any style. In this case, go long or dramatic. Some of the best hairstyles for you to try will include:

A blunt bob with few layers

A longer style with flowing waves

Pixie cut (which tends to work best for women with thick, naturally wavy hair)

Round Face Shape

If you have more of a round face, your hairstyle should give definition — think layers. The key is to avoid too much uniformity around your cheeks and face.

Some of the best hairstyles for you will typically include:

Shorter cuts and styles that give height (but avoid bobs that are all one length)

Layered bangs

If your hair is curly, keep the sides of your hair short (emphasizing curls around the crown)

Longer styles with bangs and gradual, staggered layers

Square Face Shape

A hairstyle can help you soften your facial shape. In this case, think Keira Knightley or Demi Moore. To compliment your features, the best styles for you will include:

Extra long hair (which can be worn straight, wavy, or curly)

A soft, layered bob

Side-swept bangs

Heart Face Shape

For those who have a heart-shaped face, like the beautiful Reese Witherspoon, your goal should be to increase the width of the lower part of your face. For you, try these styles:

Any style that compliments your cheekbones

A chin-length bob with tapered ends will look great

Side-swept band (avoiding additional height at the crown)

Diamond Face Shape

If you have a diamond-shaped face, do not be shy to show off your incredible bone structure. In your case, portions are important. Although layers look great, the proportion needs to be right. You can try:

A chin-length bob

Shoulder-length style

Flipped-out cut with layers

Bangs below the brow

Oblong Face Shape

For those with an oblong face, meaning your face is longer than it is wide (with a more rounded jawline), opt for styles that make your face look a touch wider. Some of the best suggestions include:

Styles that accentuate layers at the cheekbones and ear

Voluminous cuts that add attention to your jawline

Blunt bangs

Remember, these are just general guidelines. Whether you want a more textured look or a whole new style, let the shape of your face guide you. Work with your stylist in order to come up with the perfect new look for you.

At Transitions Hair Loss Centers, we can give you the style that works best for your face shape even if you’re experiencing hair loss. We can give you the same total coverage of your scalp as you had before you started experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. No one will ever know that it’s not your own hair growing out of your own scalp — with any hairstyle you wish. To schedule a free consultation at a Transitions location click here.



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