Stress, Hair Loss, & Your Central Nervous System

stress hair loss telogen effluvium hair replacement specialistIt is well documented that high levels of prolonged stress can cause hair loss. We also know that discovering the root cause of stress on the central nervous system can be critically important to reducing or eliminating stress and it’s side effects. Have you found yourself in the midst of this catch 22? Obsessing over anything is never healthy. Obsessive behavior often creates fear and sometimes your imagination will get the best of you. In this case, taking positive action to resolve your obsession is the best way to cure it.

If you know you suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, for example, and it is stressing you out, the first logical step to take is immediately talking to a hair restoration expert. Speaking with an expert will ease your mind and instantly reduce your level of stress because you will learn that genetic hair loss can be easily managed. Depending on the severity of your thinning hair and hair loss there are multiple treatments available to you.

At Transitions member hair loss centers offer non-surgical hair loss treatments to both men and women. Their treatment for men, is the most effective solution for hereditary male pattern baldness. It is virtually undetectable because we match your existing hair color and hairline. To treat androgenetic alopecia in women we recommend our Reallusions hair replacement system. In both men and women, we only use 100% human hair that exactly matches your front hairline, hairstyle, and color.

Set up a consultation today and immediately stop your obsession with hair loss and start living a healthy and stress free life. It’s time to start “obsessing” with how good you look!

Finding a Hair Loss Specialist Near You

Men and women both suffer from hair loss and thinning hair. In many cases, hair loss is hereditary.  In other cases, it can be caused by trauma or the side effects of medical treatments.

Whether you are exploring available hair replacement solutions in Hartford or New Haven, Connecticut, considering non-surgical hair replacement options in the Detroit, Michigan area, or elsewhere, Transitions International Group members provide a wealth of information, support and solutions to men, women, and children in over 60 locations worldwide. For professional solutions and answers to your important hair loss and hair restoration questions and concerns, we encourage you to contact a Transitions member hair replacement studios or clinics near you.


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