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November focuses on men’s health awareness, especially on prostate, colon and testicular cancer. During the month, several events takes place, including the No-shave November campaign that the Chicago-based Hill family started in 2007. The campaign aims at encouraging men to avoid trimming and grooming their hair and beard.

The Objective of the No-shave November

The campaign seeks to collect donations in support of cancer programs. In 2013, the campaigners partnered with the American Cancer Society and collected over $1 million towards supporting the operations of the society. The campaigners have also partnered with Prevent Cancer Foundation, St. Judes, and Fight Colorectal Cancer, among other organizations.

How to Participate

Participation is voluntary either solo or as a group where men let their hair and beard grow naturally and freely. They also donate the money that they use in getting the cut, shaving gel and razors to cancer programs and charities. Men also undertake cancer tests to ensure that they are free of the disease and get the appropriate advice for the affected ones.

Social media participation is also a part of the campaign where men not only display their natural hair and beard but also share links with information about the subject of men’s cancer. One can Tweet, Snap, Gram, or post on Facebook, among other social media platforms.

How to Identify Donation Points

Given that the campaign runs online, a quick browse on the internet results in a wide range of programs that support the campaign. The landing pages have a donate option that one can use to transfer money using various payment channels.

What the event means to the participants and the recipients of the donations, including cancer patients

The campaign is in appreciation of hair that cancer patients lose during chemotherapy. The feeling triggers the need for health check-ups that relate to the disease. The event also generates money that supports the fight against cancer. Some of the activities that utilize the donations include the provision of free information to the patients and their caregivers.

Participants should exercise caution not to showcase their natural hair and beard as a stunt during the No-shave November. The move would derail the noble course of the event that creates awareness of men’s cancer and supports the fight against the disease.

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