wigsSummer is the time to wear bright colors and fun new styles. That is especially true for hair accessories. The following are five great summer hair accessories that you have to try!

  1. Artistic Headbands

Make a unique fashion statement with embellished headbands. Beads, feathers and even metal designs can be part of a gorgeous headband. Headbands have truly become fashionable works of art! Choose a 1960s style headband that can be worn across the forehead. Pair it with a flowing summer dress for a retro look. Shiny jeweled headbands can add a touch of elegance to an evening look.

  1. Decorative Bobby Pins

Bobby pins have come a long way since they were initially used to keep curlers in place or hold back stray hair. Decorative bobby pins are an easy way to add chic style to nearly any hairstyle. Choose pins in geometric shapes or pick out pretty pins with animals or flowers to add a splash of fashion.

  1. Stylish Turbans

Turbans are a great choice if you’re having a bad hair day, want to keep your hair off your neck during a warm summer day or even if you decide to wear it with your hair down. Turbans come in a variety of colors, textures and elaborate designs. If you want to go vintage, think of Greta Garbo in a chic turban for old-style Hollywood glamour.

  1. Ribbon Wraps

Ribbon wraps not only look elegant but they also keep your ponytails and braids neat and protected all day. You can select solid colors, funky patterns or ribbons with thick textures. Silky ribbons can be wrapped around your hair for a sleek, simple look or designed within your hair. For example, tie a few ribbons into the top of your ponytail holder and braid a piece of ribbon along with each section of hair.

  1. Colorful Bandeau Headwraps

A Bandeau is generally defined as a strip of cloth that can be worn in a variety of ways. When it comes to wearing it in your hair, this gives you a lot of options. The great thing about bandeaus is that they are so versatile. From an afternoon workout to a stylish evening on the town, there’s a bandeau headwrap for every occasion.

With these many options to choose from, there’s no excuse for boring hair. Whether it’s a headband, a chic turban or a variety of other fun hair accessories, it’s easy to keep your hair looking great this summer!

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