summer hairstylesThis summer is surely one of the hottest in years. But multiple heat waves don’t mean that you have to omit style just to stay cool. If you’re looking for men’s summer hairstyles that are hot hot hot, we have a few you’ll love.


For those who aren’t comfortable with super short hair like a buzz cut or crew cut, the high-and-tight or tight fade with crop top is one that may be a perfect choice. This haircut gives you choices. If you want to make it a little shorter for the summer heat, just cut it a little shorter on the sides. The top should typically be around two inches with the sides done in a textured style. You can even go as close as the smallest clipper setting but make sure your barber doesn’t show skin on the sides – unless you want that.

Crew Cut

For those who want the coolest possible look, a crew cut leaves more hair than a buzz cut and is perfect for guys with rounder faces. It’s a slimming look and you don’t have to be in the military to sport this style. Just look at John Cena, who has a crew cut most of the time.

Surf Rat

The surf rat is not just for surfers. This Endless Summer look is what you’ll find on people like Matthew McConaughey and combines a carefree attitude with style. If you have at least medium length hair and want something you can air dry and not have to worry about a lot of product or upkeep, this is the cut for you. Of course, you can always use sea salt spray for volume and texture and this is something you can even make at home.

Flat Top

The flat top style was huge in the 90s and is making a comeback. The short sides make it ideal for the summer heat yet it’s tall on the top. You can choose how tall you want and keep in mind that the taller it is, the more upkeep you need.

There are plenty of other summer  hairstyles like the buzz cut, the shaggy 70s, and the short pomp – just to name a few. Choose what makes you look your best while staying cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

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Photo Credit: AnnieSpratt Via Pixabay

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