Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Individually Customized Men’s Hair Loss Solutions to Restore Your Hair

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Natural, Undetectable Solutions for Male Hair Loss

Custom-Tailored Men’s Hair Replacement

Hair loss affects men and women of all ages. According to a recent study at NYU Langone Health, more than 80% of all men and nearly half of all women will experience a significant level of hair loss in their lifetime. Many men and women experience significant hair thinning in their twenties and thirties.

For men who are experiencing hair loss, there are several hair restoration options available that have the ability to offer long-lasting, completely natural-looking results. One of the most effective and affordable options is non-surgical hair replacement systems which have the ability to replicate the person’s real, natural growing hair, and to provide the density, length, and style the individual may want – including the latest in men’s hair fashion.

Why Choose Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Individually customized hair replacement is popular among men of all ages because it offers the ability to add as much or as little hair as a man may need or want in order to achieve a naturally healthy look in the density and style he wants. And unlike hair transplants, there is no down time or surgical intervention. Today’s most natural looking hair replacement systems are made with 100% natural human hair and are created and customized to meet the individual and specific needs of each individual client. These hair replacement systems are virtually impossible to distinguish from natural growing hair, even in the most intimate situations.

In decades past, hair replacement systems or hair patches have had a less than stellar reputation, and that bad reputation was largely well deserved. They were ill-fitting, looked like rugs, were hot, uncomfortable and itchy. They looked awful. Today’s modern men’s hair systems are remarkable in terms of look and feel, are light and comfortable to wear, and require no more maintenance than an individual’s own growing hair.

How Does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Work?

Today’s hair replacement systems for men are created using a thin membrane-like base into which individual hair grafts of the desired length, color and density are implanted. The resulting hair replacement system is then bonded to the client’s scalp by means of a medical grade adhesive or double-sized surgical tape, depending upon the individual’s lifestyle requirements. Today’s modern hair replacement systems are designed to be worn comfortably and continuously 24/7 for up to six weeks at a time.

Typically, a skilled hair replacement stylist will use either existing hair or the scalp as anchor sites for the new hair system. Clients invariably report that they are surprised at just how secure and comfortable their new hair system is, and how easy it is to care for. No other care is required beyond normal shampooing and styling for it to always look good.

Consult With a Hair Replacement Specialist

If you are considering hair replacement for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to consult with a qualified professional hair replacement professional near you. They will schedule a personal, private consultation with you at your convenience, where they will work one-on-one with you to answer all your questions and help you determine which hair loss solution is best for you and your particular situation.

Medically Related Hair Loss

Typically, it is recommended that individuals undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy that cause hair loss, as well as those who are newly diagnosed with Alopecia Areata request a full hair prosthesis.

With alopecia areata, the condition may not be stable, so focusing on only a single specific area may only be a temporary solution. In the case of chemotherapy, due to the nature of the drugs used, all of a person’s hair will likely be lost and a partial hair addition will ultimately prove unsatisfactory.

Gradual vs. Full Hair Replacement

Clients considering non-surgical hair replacement are often unsure as to whether they want an “all at once” hair replacement or gradual hair replacement performed over a period of months.

Hair loss can cause untold anxiety and stress in men, women and children alike. Whether you choose gradual hair replacement or do it all at once, know that there is no right or wrong answer. The choice is entirely yours.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your decision and that you find yourself smiling again when you see yourself in the mirror.

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