How Do Men’s Hair Replacement Systems Work?

most natural looking mens hair replacement system patchMen’s hair replacement systems: do they really work? Do they look natural? As part of the normal aging process, it is common for men to begin to lose their hair. Those struggling with thinning hair may first notice baldness on the top of their head which then extends further forward and affects the sides. It isn’t a coincidence that the same hair loss pattern emerges in most men, as the phenomenon is known as male-pattern baldness. While many men attempt to cover the patchiness with hats or strategic hairstyles, there comes a point where the loss is too significant to cover without interfering with one’s daily life. In the past, the only options for coverage were obvious toupees or dyes, but today there are plenty of hair loss systems for men on the market. Are you ready to get on with your life and leave your hair woes in the past? Now might be a good time to find out how a non-surgical men’s hair replacement system might be the help you are looking for.

What Actually is a Hair Replacement System?

While there are several different options to treat male pattern baldness, men’s hair replacement systems typically involve using a specially designed “hairpiece.” These amazingly realistic, non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems are drastically more realistic looking than the toupees of the past. This is because they are customized for each person, whereas old-fashioned traditional toupees offered very little variety, if any, in terms of color, style, and fit.

In the vast majority of cases, today’s modern non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems are made using a combination of materials to give a more realistic appearance. The most common materials include silicone, polyurethane, and fine lace. Depending on the person’s personal preference or budget, they can be crafted using natural human hair or synthetic hair. These custom men’s hairpieces are then fitted and styled so that they are practically undetectable when placed on the wearer’s head. Additionally, they can be worn while swimming or showering, which offers an incredible amount of freedom over your grandfather’s old toupee.

Why Choose Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Many men prefer not to take drastic measures such as surgical procedures or medications to combat hair loss. A men’s hair system is non-invasive, affordable, and offers immediate results. This is hugely important for men who are suffering from low self-esteem or other insecurities due to their male-pattern baldness. In many cases, the emotional effects of male pattern baldness can be disruptive to the sufferers’ daily life. They may avoid activities that prevent them from wearing a hat or that involve outdoor activities where it’s difficult to disguise the balding areas. A hair system can help them quickly regain confidence and get back to the activities they enjoy.

With a new year approaching, people around the globe are inspired to make meaningful changes to better the quality of their lives. If your life has been disrupted by male-pattern baldness, let this be the time that you take control and start enjoying the things you love. Whether you are looking for hair loss solutions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida or are investigating hair replacement options in Rochester, New York, if you’re considering trying a hair system and want to learn more, contact a Transitions member hair loss center near you today.