Do you have the summertime frizzy hair blues? Tame your mane this summer with our list of tips and tricks to protect hair from humidity, summer sports activities, UV rays and pool chemicals. You can have fun and have beautiful healthy hair, too!

Why Does My Hair Get So Frizzy in the Summer?

Our hair is very receptive to seasonal changes, and summertime brings on a combination of drying heat and a humidity factor that plays the biggest role in causing hair to look frizzy and frazzled. Dry, curly hair is the most susceptible to frizziness in the summer months. Unprotected hair gets even drier in the heat if we don’t stay hydrated. In addition, there are many ways to protect hair from harmful UV rays that also cause hair to become drier during summer.

Dry hair is light, and when humidity increases, hair lifts and takes on a life of its own – leaving your style looking out of control and leaving your hair susceptible to damage. There are also stresses to hair from summer activities that can easily be protected against, including ocean swimming and pool chemicals. Sometimes, the summertime frizz blues are caused by over-styling hair in an effort to control it.

Keep Hair Hydrated and Moisturized Throughout the Summer

Keeping hair hydrated starts with summer food and beverages. Keeping yourself hydrated internally helps avoid extra-dryness for summer hair. Eat hair-friendly foods that are rich in vitamins. Try adding avocado to your summer menu, for example. Look carefully at your shampoo and conditioner and use products with natural moisturizers and essential oils.

Hair experts recommend extra moisturizer to combat frizzy hair during the summer months and even skipping the shampoo twice a week and using only a moisturizer to nourish the hair. Argan oil and coconut oil are excellent as deep conditioning treatments for summer hair. Look for hair masques and hair treatments with these oils for a summer hair treat.

Protect Hair from the Heat and UV Rays

Avoid hot irons and blow dryers during the summer. Beauty experts suggest letting hair air dry until it is just damp and then applying a low setting on your hair dryer for styling. Protect hair from UV rays by wearing a hat or a scarf or look for hair oils and treatments with built in UV protection for hair. They are worth the investment during summer months.

Style Hair Gently and Appropriately for Summer Activities

In addition to avoiding heat during styling, be extra gentle with hair when styling for an active summer schedule. Check the ingredients in your hair sprays and other styling products and choose products that have no alcohol, as alcohol intensifies the dryness and frizziness.

When swimming, whether in salt water or in the harsh environment of pool chemicals, consider a bathing cap and be sure to wash and condition hair immediately after swimming.

Fighting frizzy hair during the humid months can be extremely frustrating. But if you are suffering from hair loss it can be devastating. Transitions member hair loss centers know first-hand how hair loss in both men and women can affect not only your appearance, but how it can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem in family, social and professional interactions. At our clinics, we offer all proven hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for men, women and children. To find a hair loss center near you click here.


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