As a man ages, hair loss can become a significant issue. Every morning there is dread as he watches his locks disappear down the shower drain and inspects his scalp in the mirror. Millions of men go through hair loss every day in the United States, including many celebrities (hair loss doesn’t discriminate) and the results can be lower self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. But there is an answer, and there are many male celebrities who have taken advantage of it. Read on to discover some of the famous faces who’ve chosen to get permanent hair restoration by means of hair transplantation and transform their image.

David Beckham. Athleticism is synonymous with masculinity. David Beckham, the world’s favorite ex-soccer player, is also known for his many different hairstyles. From cornrows to frosted tips, this is a guy who loves his hair. However, it’s apparent that the soccer star suffers from alopecia, otherwise known as hair loss, from past pictures of his bald spot and thinning hair. So, has Beckham had a hair transplant? He’s not telling, but his hair is just as thick and full as when he first became famous.

Donald Trump. The President of the United States is as famous for his classic hairstyle as he is for well… everything else. His blonde locks, although getting thinner over the years, keep getting lower for a seriously low hairline that anyone can recognize. Could he have had a hair transplant? It’s possible considering he’s in his seventies and still has a massive head full of hair.

James Nesbitt. If one were to ask James Nesbitt if he’s had a hair transplant, he would gleefully say “Yes!” The actor has no qualms about openly admitting to having two hair transplants that resulted in a gorgeous head of hair. The first transplant was to give the Irish-born actor some coverage, and the second transplant, about a year later, was to add density to his hair, making it feel and look thick, natural, and sexy.

For men who struggle with balding and thinning hair just like these celebrities, a hair transplant is the answer. The procedure is simple; the surgeon will use a technique that moves hair follicles from one area of the body, referred to as the donor site, to the balding part of the scalp, known as the recipient site.

Aside from all the technical stuff, a hair transplant is the easiest, fastest, and longest lasting way to combat hair loss. Men, including many celebrities, who undergo a hair transplant come out on the other side with a head of hair they can run their fingers through and smile at every morning in the bathroom mirror.

With hair restoration, there are a host of options to consider. If you think a hair transplant is right for you, Transitions Hair Loss Centers offer surgical alternatives with the best hair transplant surgeons in the Nation. To schedule a free consultation at a hair studio nearest you click here.



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