Five Male Celebrities Who Did Something About Their Hair Loss

hollywood male celebrities hair lossMale pattern baldness can happen to anyone – including the celebrities we admire. While losing your hair should not be something that judges your worth, we all want to look our best. Here are five male celebrities who have concealed their baldness yet look as handsome as ever.

Matthew McConaughey

Academy Award Winner and major sex symbol, Matthew McConaughey has been seen with thinning hair in as early as 1999. Almost 20 years later, his hair is full and luxurious.

John Travolta

Someone who has been quite public with their hair loss is John Travolta. As late as 2011 he was seen in public without much hair at all. Fast forward to 2014 and his hair looks like it did when he was much younger.

Kevin Costner

Another major player in Hollywood is Kevin Costner. In 20016, his hair was noticeably thinner with prevalent balding. It was in 2008 that he had a hair restoration procedure. While that was successful, it is rumored that he may return for more work or has already.

Al Pacino

According to an interview in The Actor’s Studio, Al Pacino suffers from Alopecia. According to him, he wears hair pieces in between the time it takes for his hair to grow after losing some. Fortunately, his bald spots are behind the hairline and let’s face it, he looks pretty awesome to be 78 years old.

Jude Law

This is a unique situation because Jude Law’s hairline seems to fluctuate over the years.

According to Men’s Health:

So, what’s going on with his hair? Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., won’t even speculate. “Hair loss is multifactorial, which means that we cannot identify one specific reason it happens,” he says, admirably. There are multiple solutions available such as hair systems and even surgical solutions like hair transplants (which many speculate Law has had).

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