Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy One of the hair loss therapies that has been getting a lot of attention is called Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy.

Also called LLLT, it is a safe FDA approved treatment for both males and females suffering from hair thinning or hair loss. Some customers have even purchased an FDA approved LLLT laser comb that is easy to use, and effective.

What Exactly Is Low Level Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss?

Low-level laser hair therapy is sometimes called Light therapy because it uses infra-red laser beams for many types of health conditions. This not only decreases inflammation but increases the body’s blood flow, which helps with hair regrowth.

By shifting hair follicles back to the hair growth phase, it stimulates the metabolic processes necessary for those follicles to produce healthier, fuller hair strands.

Who is a Candidate for this type of therapy?

Anyone who suffers androgenetic alopecia, also commonly known as male or female-pattern baldness, can ask about getting a personal treatment for this type of Laser or Light Therapy.

In one study published by Dr. Samia Esmat and her group just last year in Egypt, 45 patients who suffered hair loss were split into three groups, which each group using a different form of hair loss therapy. The first group tried only another therapy, the second went with only LLLT, and the third tried a combination of the branded hair therapy plus LLLT.

The best improved results of hair regrowth came from the group who were treated with a combination therapy. This and other studies showed that Light or Laser therapy is effective, but the process is sped up when combined with other healthy and effective hair loss treatments.

A Quick and Easy Procedure

Many of our clients choose LLLT, because whether done at home or in our salon, the results are quick and the sessions only last 15 minutes.

Generally, people set aside time for 2-3 treatments per week, and after 2 to 3 months, significant positive results are noted.

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