Meet Tim, a hair follicle with self-awareness, who is one of 143,000 follicles on Betty’s head. The following dispatches from his journal chronicle his follicular life.

December 2010

I have been here on planet Betty since the beginning, but it’s been a while since I’ve produced anything. I’m just starting to feel ready to put myself out there again. I’m entering a new phase of life, anagen, where I’m ready to grow and take on new challenges. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a long and healthy life, making it to age 7. Ken, my neighbor, is 5 years old. He has seen many things, lived through baseball hats, seasonal effluvia, you name it. He’s told me tales of the hormonal shift of ’09, which took down many of his friends. Sure they grew back, he said, but they were never the same.

February 2011

Janet, my neighbor to the right, has made an appearance. She grows differently than the rest of us, but she helps make our community work.

September 2011

I am increasingly worried about Ken. He received a message and fell into catagen, his follicular presence shrinking. He shut off his blood supply. Janet said this reaction is natural. It is what we all face, unless plucked prematurely from this world. An introspective Ken asked me if it didn’t feel endless somehow, like we’ve done this routine many times before.

October 2011

Ken has shed. He said his final farewell and plunged off into the abyss, embracing his telogen, our afterlife. He departed with 60 others.

January 2012

It’s been just about 12 weeks and Ken has returned! Or, well, a new version of Ken. He has many of the same characteristics, but there is something different about him.

June 2012

Today Betty wore a tight ponytail. Many have fallen, including Janet. There is now a bald spot on Betty’s scalp and in my heart. It is a sad day.

May 2013

I know my world is one of dead cell proteins (keratin specifically), but I feel so alive! I’ve been growing about a centimeter a month — not too shabby. Ninety percent of us are growing together in our anagen phase. It feels good to be part of something.

July 2013

Betty is under duress. We’re being bombarded with stress hormones, a rocket of testosterone. Many have given up and let go. I remain strong.

October 2015

So thin and frail now. As I enter my own catagen, I withdraw my blood supply and get ready. I can only hope to return someday.

Hair goes through our lives with us, weathering the hormonal storms, the times of stress and the genetic predispositions. Are you ready to give your follicles a good and comfortable life? There are many ways to prevent hair loss — and ways to treat the loss you’ve already experienced.

If the Tims, Kens, and Janets on top of your head are starting to shed and not return then it’s time to do something about it. Transitions member hair loss centers can help determine which women’s hair restoration procedure is right for you. To set up a free hair loss evaluation with one of our hair loss specialists visit one of our locations by clicking here.



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