mythsThere are many health myths out there, many of which make it challenging to implement the most effective strategies. The truth is, by the age of thirty-five, approximately two-thirds of all men will experience some degree of hair loss — that is no myth!

With so many affected, it’s imperative to sort the facts from fiction. That way, men do not waste their time with inaccurate information.

5 Myths About Hair Loss Debunked

If your goal is to better understand your current hair loss symptoms so that you can potentially intervene, it’s time to eliminate these common myths.

Myth 1: Balding comes from your mother’s side

The old test used to be — look at your grandpa from your mother’s side, and if he had a full head of hair, you would too. However, the fate of your hair is a polygenic trait. This means that both sides of your ancestry determine the outcome. Meaning, if any family member is showing signs of thinning hair or balding, then you may want to take a proactive approach sooner than later.

Myth 2: Balding occurs due to too much testosterone

Since hair loss is more common in men than women, testosterone has long been blamed as the number one culprit. The truth is, it is your genetics and in turn, your hair follicle’s sensitivity to hormones that will make your hair fall out. DHT, a by-product of testosterone, however, can have a direct impact on balding — but once again, only when there is a genetic predisposition.

Myth 3: Wearing a hat increases your risk of balding

You can’t “suffocate” your hair by wearing a hat all the time. If you’re wearing a tight-fitting hat all the time, then yes, “traction alopecia” caused by pulling force may occur. However, this is actually more commonly seen in high-risk women who consistently wear tight braids or ponytails.

Myth 4: Stress is making your hair fall out

Yes, traumatic, high stressful events have been linked to hair loss — such as enduring an illness or gaining an excessive amount of weight. In this case, your hair will typically fall out in patches and is most often temporary. In terms of male pattern baldness, everyday stress is not your enemy — although you should minimize stress for your overall well-being.

Myth 5: Shampoo causes hair loss

Clean hair is healthy hair, so no, shampoo does not cause hair loss. It is normal to lose approximately 50 to 100 strands of hair daily, which is why you may notice some hair loss in the shower as your comb through your sudsy hair.

If you’re concerned with your current degree of hair loss, Transitions Hair Loss Centers prides themselves on having cutting edge hair loss technology, while giving you many options to choose from. Depending on the severity, you may want to implement lifestyle changes, alter your current medications, or invest in hair transplants. Know the facts so that you can make the most appropriate decision for you! To find a Transitions location near you click here.


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