Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetic Hair Wigs

Millions of women a year are affected by hair loss or thinning of hair. Hair Loss is not extensively researched due to the fact that it is not considered to be a serious medical condition. Although, this is true, hair loss is still upsetting to millions of people a year.

A lot of people experiencing hair loss tend to try a lot of different products, shampoos, diets, stress relievers, and even vitamins. Generally speaking, you probably tried everything and now considering your options for hair replacement. There are many options, but the first step is to see what options are right for you. You may decide to choose a wig, as the technology is so advanced now, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether it is right for you to consider a natural wig or synthetic wig. Before you run out and buy a synthetic wig, let us educate you a little about them. The first choice to make is whether you want real or synthetic hair.

Synthetic Hair:

No one is going to argue that synthetic wigs are easier and cheaper alternative, but they will take a toll on your time and your confidence. Synthetic wigs are more affordable, but keep in mind these wigs are made with machines and less expensive materials. The strands of synthetic “hair” do not resemble your own natural hair, and rarely match the colors and tones of your existing hair. Synthetic hair wigs also tangle more easily and do not respond well to brushing or to washing. Synthetic wigs cannot be colored either.

Human Hair Wigs:

Maintaining a wig that is made from 100% human hair, is just like taking car of your own hair. A natural 100% human hair wig can be styled just like your real hair. A human hair wig is created to match you and your lifestyle. Trained professionals use your existing hair color and style, and then apply that to your new custom wig. Using styling irons is not a big deal either, as it reacts the same as your real hair.

The other Key difference between human & synthetic hair is maintenance. Human hair wigs can last a long time with proper care. It is common for women to purchase a 100% human hair wig and report that it still looks as good as new three to four years later. Synthetic wigs may last longer, but the aging will show more and more as time goes on.

Styling: Transitions Hair Loss Centers can relate to how important it is to find the right stylist for your wig. Keep in mind the importance of working with a hair loss professional that has years of experience with wigs. It is important to choose a hair loss provider who has experience in styling wigs.

We make the process fun and comfortable. We recommend finding either some hairstyle in magazines you love, or even bring in a picture of yourself with the hairstyle you want back. For more information about human hair wigs from Transitions Hair Loss Centers, click here.

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