wigsThere are many reasons why a woman may experience hair loss. It can be due to stress, post-pregnancy hormones, menopause, or even illness. Quality wigs can restore much more than hair alone. They can also rebuild confidence, social status, and even the feeling of womanhood itself.

There are two main categories of wig: human hair and synthetic wigs.

In this article, we’re going to compare the two types. You’ll learn about the differences in price, styling options, maintenance, and longevity.

Color and styling options

When selecting your wig, you must first ask yourself a question.

Do you want a fixed look – or the flexibility to change your style and color?

Synthetic wigs can be trimmed – but they cannot be colored or heat-styled like real hair.

For many women, this may not be a problem, especially if the wig is only for short-term wear.

Human hair wigs allow you to keep your options open. They are, after all, made from real hair. They can be cut, colored, heated, and styled to almost any look you desire.

In summary – human hair wigs have far more style and color options.

Washing frequency

Like human hair, wigs need to be washed and maintained to keep them looking good. The washing frequency depends on the type of wig you have, and how often you wear it. Synthetic ones generally only need to be washed after every four-to-six wears.

Human hair needs to be washed more often. It’s preferable to wash them after each wear and after each hairstyle or color change.

It’s important to note that each wash places gradual stress on the hair fibers. This contributes to reducing the lifespan of the wig.

In summary – synthetic wigs require less washing.


Another key consideration is the lifespan of your wig. Not all women wear their wig every day – but there are many that do.

Synthetic wigs have lifespans in the range of four to six months.

Human hair will generally last much longer. Even when worn every day, they can last up to twelve months.

Many women choose to purchase two wigs at a time. This allows them to be rotated and extends the replacement time.

In summary – human hair wigs have the longest lifespans.


When selecting your wig, the cost may not be the primary factor – but it is an important consideration.

Whether you choose synthetic or human hair, you will still have options regarding the quality, length, style, and color of your new wig.

Generally speaking, human hair wigs are the most expensive – but last longer.

Synthetic wigs come at a lower cost – but need replacing more often.

In summary – human hair wigs are more expensive, but last much longer.

Choosing the right wig is a very personal choice. There are important aspects to consider, and many questions that arise during the selection process.

Luckily, that’s where we can help. At the Transitions Hair Loss Centers, we specialize in hair loss solutions and custom wig options for women of all ages. For helpful advice and pricing on a new wig, request a consultation and speak directly with a member of our experienced hair loss staff. To find a location near you click here.


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