2021If any year could represent a toxic relationship, then it has to be 2020. It will be with a sigh of relief as you hurriedly wave 2020 a good riddance. Well, what better way to start over after a breakup than with a new hairstyle? It marks the start of better tidings and isn’t this what the world hopes for in 2021? This is exactly what you expect with the following hot hair trends of 2021.

Curtain bangs: Retro stylish hairstyles will gain more momentum in 2021 and curtain bangs fit the bill for that revolutionary start.

Low maintenance cuts: 2021 will see the popularity of low maintenance hairstyles such as the bob, the pixie cut, and the afro.

Mullet hair: The 2021 mullet is cooler and versatile as it works with any hair type/texture. It’s perfect for heart and oval faces.

Bouffant hairstyles: This is a retro-inspired ‘do for swanky events in 2021.

Gloss hair: Give your hair a high shine through the New Year.

Shag haircut: True shag haircuts have been around, but this classic hair cut gets a rebirth in 2021 with a new-age color.

Hair extensions: while shorter hair might be in vogue, the place of Long, luscious locks is still secure. Extensions give your mane length and volume, and it’s a simple way to switch between short and long hair.

Two-tone hair: Can’t choose one gorgeous color? Why not go for the stylish and customizable two-tone hairstyle?

Rose brown hair: brunette hair doesn’t have to be boring and you can spice it up with the trendy warm rose brown look. It is an adorable yet low maintenance hair color that’s going to rock 2021.

Blunt collarbone cut: This lob stops at your collarbone, and it turns heads everywhere you go.

Textured layers: Add texture with layers and layers to rock in 2021.

Short and wild shags: Cool curls looking like a classic shag

“Life is short. You might as well live it with really great hair.” (Anonymous). There’s no better way to usher a hopefully better 2021 than with one of these great hairstyles.

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Photo Credit: Alexas_Fotos Via Pixabay

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