hairstylesEvery year people make resolutions. While some are kept and many are not, one thing that is constant is that people like to look good. One of the best ways to look your best is with a hot, new, and trending hairstyle. Here are the five top hot and trending hairstyles for 2019.

Beachy Waves

You don’t have to live near the beach to get this trendy look. Beachy waves are easily achieved by twisting small pieces of your hair and then using a one-inch curling iron. Finish up with a light, texturizing hairspray.

You’ll look polished, yet it doesn’t look overly done or cliche.

A High Ponytail

Arianna Grande is surely an influence on the look of a high ponytail. The great thing is that it’s easy to do and enhances your facial features. While anyone can make a high ponytail, one way to keep it in place is to spray the roots with a lightweight hairspray first. For an extra-classy look, use a bit of hair serum to ensure there are no frizzy areas.

Curtained Bangs

Hair bangs seem to go in and out of style but in 2019, they’re back. Curtained bangs are one of the biggest hairstyles for this year and they always look good whether your hair is up or down. This retro look always returns for a reason – it’s lovely and versatile. Curtained bangs do take a bit of commitment at first but the care is fairly easy. Just blow-dry them using a bristle brush. You can also use a flat iron if they are too curly.

Long Layers

For another retro look, long layers of the 90s are back in style. It only takes the right haircut to achieve the look and the care is simple. Keep your long layers straight and sleek or let your natural waves show.

A Blunt Bob

For short hair, there’s nothing chicer than a blunt bob. This style works best with straight hair but there’s no reason why you can’t straighten your hair to achieve it or simply let your curls flow.

Shaggy Layers

Another layered look making a splash is shaggy layers. Choose a stylist who is familiar with cutting many layers to achieve this look. What you end up with is a messy yet stylish look that is perfect for shoulder-length hair.

Hair in 2019

From layers and bobs to retro looks and bobs, we know how important your hair is. It helps with self-esteem and confidence.

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