Hot Summer Hairstyles for Women with thinning hairHot Summer Hairstyles for Women with Thinning Hair

The pandemic has been hard on personal style and left many going months without a hair appointment. Finally, some people are able to head back to the hair salons, which is a good thing since their hair is a hot mess. In more good news, you have a number of new style options that will give you energy and let you feel fashionable during the hot summer days.


Wearing masks for protection will probably continue throughout the summer and possibly into the fall. Putting on a mask can really mess up your hair unless you choose the right style.

Low Ponytail

When it comes to hot summer hair styles for women with thinning hair, why not consider a low ponytail? Create a precise part and gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Use hair products to give the style a glow, and you’ve created a sophisticated yet simple summer look. And the ponytail lets you put on and remove a mask without ruining your hair.

High Braid Down the Back

Starting the braid up high makes it look more polished and allows you to add hair accessories if you wish. For an evening out, add a glitter or highlight strand. And again, you can put on your mask without rumpling your locks.

Short Hair

Short women’s hair styles are always cool and easy for summer, and this year the emphasis is on simplicity.

Bob It

This year’s bobs range from just below the ears to shoulder length and let you be ready to go in minutes. Consider just slicking yours back with hair product and letting your beautiful face shine.

The Pixie

Your mother may have traumatized you with a pixie when you were small, but when done right, the pixie is everything. These hot summer hair styles for women with thinning hair spotlight your features and gives you a shiny cap of eye-catching hair. As a bonus, it never loses its edge during outdoor fun. Just don’t let your mother pick up the scissors. Let your stylist work their magic.

The summer presents more style challenges than most years, but you can still create a signature look that can rock a party and support a mask.

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