Spring is a time for change and what better way to start than with your hair? We’ve gathered together six of the hottest men’s hairstyles sure to be bang on trend from now right through until summer and beyond.

1. The Undercut

Undercut styles are varied, with many super long on top, kept high with product, or left to fall naturally over to one or both sides. Or you can keep it short and easier to maintain with a disconnected undercut – ideal when you get the opportunity to visit the barber more frequently.

2. Low Fade

Not as dramatic as the undercut, this is one of those men’s hairstyles that’s easy to maintain whilst looking completely fresh. Low fades start short but quickly lengthen up the hairline, and can be left as long as you like on top. Understated yet quietly cool.

3. The Buzz

Why is the buzz cut so appealing right now? Is it because so many men feel liberated by being able to take all their own hair off at home? Or simply that it’s cool and easy to maintain in our busy and often bizarre world? Whatever the reason, short, tidy, and edgy is back in fashion in a big way.

4. French Crop

From barely there to all the hair, the French crop celebrates artful messiness by combining a shorter cut below with long, tousled locks on top. Use product to thicken or texture hair, and let it grow as long as you’re comfortable with.

5. Slick it Back

During the pandemic, we’ve gone all nostalgic, and that means a lot of retro men’s hairstyles are back in style. So, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of guys sporting the slicked-back look, either as part of a smart, tailored ensemble or with a hipster beard and eighties-style double denim. The key is to not use so much product that your hair looks greasy.

6. The Quiff

While we’re looking at revitalized retro styles, we have to mention the quiff. Hardly just the property of old rock and rollers, the quiff is a great way to work with longer hair on the top. Make sure it has plenty of body so you get that iconic bulge on the front of your head that’s sure to turn other people’s heads.

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