face shapeIn this day and age, it is perfectly possible for men with all types of hair to achieve the hairstyle they want. This includes men with hair loss, as with specialized hair systems they can have both a full head of hair and their ideal hairstyle. Here’s a look at how to find the right cut for your face shape.

Round Shaped Face

Round shaped faces are about equal in length and width. The ideal hairstyles are ones that are short on the sides and longer on top. Try a faux hawk or a longer quiff. Add a side part for a more angular, masculine feel. To mix both together, try a side-swept crew cut.

Oval Shaped Face

An oval face shape is arguably the most versatile and suits a wide range of hairstyles. It’s all about personal preference and experimenting to see what you love. Sport everything from a pompadour to a shaved head. You can even try shoulder-length hair to show off your natural texture.

Square Shaped Face

Square shaped faces typically have a wide jaw with high cheekbones, resulting in a very symmetrical look. Style the hair upwards to elongate the face, including short back and sides with longer hair on top. A side parting can break up the symmetry and make the look more interesting.

Triangle Shaped Face

This shape is defined by a smaller temple area, relatively thin cheekbones and a wider jawline. Make the most of it by adding as much volume as you can on top to balance out the jawline. Curly tops and quiffs are a quick and easy way of achieving this. Alternatively, try adding a fringe to create the impression of a thick forehead.

Square Shaped Face

Square shaped faces have lots of sharp angles and are the typical ‘masculine’ look often sported by models. Soften the harsh lines by having a high fade with a quiff on top, or a textured comb over. If you want something more professional, try a really short haircut to complement the natural shape of the head.

Don’t be afraid to try something new that is designed to suit your face shape and enhance your natural features! Guys, if you’re suffering from hair loss you can still get the look you want. To find a Transitions Hair Loss center nearest you click here.


Photo Credit: nastya_gepp Via Pixabay


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