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Permanent Natural Hair Restoration to Last a Lifetime

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Permanent, Natural Hair Loss Solutions for Men

Hair Transplant Procedures & Surgical Hair Restoration

Surgical hair restoration offers men and women the ability to permanently restore their hair.

Hair transplantation is simply the procedure of surgically harvesting “permanent” hair from the sides or back of the head where hair grows which is not subject to balding and transferring it to an area of the scalp where balding is occurring due to hereditary or other causes of hair loss or balding.

Once transplanted, this “new” hair continues to grow for life, resulting in a totally natural and undetectable look and feel.

Why Choose Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Great hair transplant results require an experienced surgeon with not only a trained hand, but a keen artistic eye. He must have a “feel” for how to aesthetically create natural, feathered gradients of hair that are totally undetectable to those who will encounter that patient in the years to come.

Neograft FUE Hair transplant ClinicFor the vast majority of men and women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair in the crown and frontal areas of their scalp, the hair on the sides and the back of their head remains thick and is not subject to hereditary hair loss or thinning. It is this hair that is harvested either individually, in small follicular units, or by means of removing a small narrow strip of hair, and then is dissected into tiny follicular unit grafts of 1-3 hairs each.

In hair transplantation, these tiny, newly prepared grafts of permanent hair are meticulously distributed throughout the balding area of the scalp in a carefully preplanned natural growth pattern. These grafts take root quickly and after a short period of resting which typically takes four to six months, begin to grow, and continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life.

After this new hair grows out, it can be washed, cut, or styled in whatever way you like. There is nothing fragile about transplanted hair. It can even be permed or colored. A person with a transplanted head of hair can sleep, swim, ski – in other words – do everything they ever did before, knowing that once again they have their own hair back again and no one will know.

Consult With a Hair Replacement Specialist

If you are considering hair replacement for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to consult with a qualified professional hair replacement professional near you. They will schedule a personal, private consultation with you at your convenience, where they will work one-on-one with you to answer all your questions and help you determine which hair loss solution is best for you and your particular situation.