laser hair therapyHair loss is hard to accept for men and women. This affliction often causes anxiety and depression in sufferers who feel less attractive than before. In your search to stop hair loss and regrow hair, you may have tried several treatments. One that shows promise is laser hair therapy. Although more studies need to be done, this therapy appears to regrow hair in some subjects.

Laser Therapy Procedure

Laser therapy works by irradiating photons into your scalp where they are absorbed by weakened cells. This process stimulates circulation and prods your hair follicles to produce new growth. This hair therapy is also known as cold laser therapy or red-light therapy and is a non-invasive way to combat thinning hair. The treatment is painless and tends to strengthen the hair you still have.

Although you can purchase laser hair treatment devices for yourself, experts advise seeking professional treatment, which may need to take place several times a week, at least at first. After the initial treatments, you’ll probably need to have maintenance sessions for the rest of your life, otherwise your hair will begin to thin once more.

The treatment does come with some negatives. It is often expensive and can interact with certain medications. Laser hair therapy does not produce results for everyone. Also, more long-term studies need to be done to affirm its safety.

Final Thoughts

The laser machines differ depending on the manufacturer. Some are like a cap that you wear for a short period while others resemble traditional lighting devices. They do differ in strength and effectiveness, although they may be a better choice for you than a hair transplant procedure, which is expensive and requires an extensive recovery period.

As always, if hair loss treatments such as minoxidil, laser therapy or a hair transplant don’t work for you or are not an option, you can get excellent, natural-looking results from a hair system. Hair treatments are continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated, so you do not have to live with a thin or balding head of hair.

If you are ready to take control of your hair loss, regain your self-confidence and restore your hair to its natural volume and healthy appearance, contact your nearest Transitions member hair replacement center by clicking here.


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