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Rochester Hair Replacement Specialists

New-U Hair Restoration & Hair Loss Treatment Center – Rochester, NY

Since 1987 we have been inspired to help people feel truly good about themselves. When New-U first opened in Rochester they quickly became the go-to provider of hair loss remedies. Ever since, New-U Hair Replacement Center has been the leading provider of Rochester NY hair restoration and hair loss treatment for men, women, and children, offering Western New York clients the most advanced and effective hair loss solutions for every form of hair loss from male pattern baldness to alopecia areata, trichotillomania, and hair loss due to chemotherapy, medical treatments, and trauma.

Hair restoration has always been about people. Hair loss can take its toll on a person and take away their self-esteem. The New-U Hair Replacement Rochester, New York professionals understand that and provide all of their services in a discreet, comfortable, and private setting.

New-U offers a complete range of hair loss treatment and hair restoration services, from topical or hair regrowth products, to low-level laser hair loss treatment, non-surgical hair replacement systems, as well as permanent natural hair restoration with the latest techniques in surgical hair transplants. For over 35 years, New-U has faithfully served the Rochester NY area hair restoration and hair loss treatment needs of men, women and children and has earned the trust of clients across the Western New York and Finger Lakes region.

Rochester, New York’s Leading Hair Restoration Center

“Located in Rochester, New York, we are a proud member of Transitions International Group. Continuing professional education programs, seminars, training classes, and certification programs give us the ability to offer our clients up-to-date information and techniques that ensure we can provide the absolute finest hair replacement solutions anywhere in New York.”

Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Rochester

New-U of Rochester has been on the leading edge of men’s hair replacement and hair restoration for over 35+ years, with custom hair replacement solutions for men of all ages and hair types. At New-U, you can restore not only your hair but your self-confidence.

New-U offers the most up-to-date men’s hair replacement solutions for men regardless of age, providing the finest in men’s hair replacement solutions for those experiencing male pattern baldness, alopecia, and thinning hair.

Beautiful Hair Additions and Hair Replacement Options for Women

New-U’s advanced non-surgical hair loss solutions for women offer an almost unlimited amount of customization and style options to meet a woman’s specific hair needs with beautiful, natural, and completely undetectable female hair replacement solutions. They also offer a complete range of beautiful women’s 100% natural human hair wigs, toppers, and hair additions to give their clients the confidence in their hair that they deserve.

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The best way to find out which hair loss solution is perfect for you is to schedule a private one-on-one consultation with a professional New-U hair loss specialist at their Rochester, New York office on Jefferson Avenue. All consultations are private, confidential and respectful.