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Hair Loss Solutions for Men & Women

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Montreal Hair Replacement Specialists

Hairfax – Montreal Hair Restoration & Hair Loss Treatment

Hairfax in St. Hubert (Montreal), Quebec is a hair restoration clinic specializing in hair transplantation, non-surgical hair replacement and the prevention of hair loss. They provide clients with the latest breakthrough in male and female hair replacement and hair restoration treatments in Montreal and surrounding areas. They are considered a trusted leader in proven hair transplant and hair loss treatment solutions for men, women, and children in throughout Quebec.

All Hairfax services are provided in a comfortable, discreet setting that has a respectful atmosphere.

Hairfax provides quality hair restoration and hair replacement solutions to those dealing with the devastating effects of thinning hair, and balding. They have treated men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair in Montreal and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

They also provide complete non-surgical replacement options as well as minigraft hair transplants, and micrograft services to a number of countries, using only the most advanced, proven methods and technology available to provide the most satisfactory outcomes possible.

Montreal’s Leading Hair Restoration Clinic

“Conveniently located in St-Hubert (Montreal), Quebec, our modern and inviting clinic will make you feel comfortable and relaxed right away. Our highly skilled specialists will work closely with you to find the best hair restoration or hair loss prevention treatment for you and will follow up with comprehensive follow-up care. We also offer a range of products to help improve the look and volume of your hair.”

Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hairfax in Montreal, Quebec has been a leader in men’s non-surgical hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for several decades. Their custom hair replacement solutions for men and perfect for any age or hair type. At Hairfax in St. Hubert, PQ, their state-of-the-art non-surgical hair replacement technique assures a totally natural, virtually invisible hairline.

They offer men’s hair replacement programs with one to six hair prostheses per year, which includes regular periodic maintenance and styling at their clinics by their dedicated hair replacement professionals, with convenient monthly programs available.

Beautiful Hair Restoration Options for Women

Hairbax in Montreal, Quebec offers the latest, most advanced, clinically proven solutions for female hair loss. They offer an unlimited degree of customization and styling options to meet the individual needs of every woman. They offer beautiful female hair replacement solutions that look natural and are completely undetectable.

With a full range of undetectable, totally natural looking women’s non-surgical hair replacement solutions, your hair–and your confidence–can be restored in all at once or in progressive stages, ensuring a comfortable and more natural transition. The choice is entirely yours.

All consultations are held in a private, confidential, and respectful setting.

Montreal Hair Restoration Experts

The best way to find out which hair loss solution is perfect for you is to schedule a private one-on-one consultation with a professional Hairfax hair loss and hair restoration specialist at their St-Hubert Montreal, Quebec hair replacement clinic. A typical consultation takes about an hour.