Hair Replacement For Men: Ken’s Story

So, I’m in my fifties and I started getting thinning hair in my forties like everyone else. There are some people who look great bald. It suits them and they’re mature. And that’s not me. I wanted to look the way I thought I should look which is with hair. So I looked around and I finally decided I wanted hair replacement. I had to do something and I love the results I’ve had. I’m in the entertainment business. I’m in front of a lot of people, I’m on stage and I’m on camera. On some sets there are hair and makeup people, but I wanted something that looked natural. Something that was me. The whole thing about this hair replacement system is that it’s natural. You’re not afraid of the wind, you’re not afraid of rain. I run, I shower. This is what I want my hair to look like. The first day I came in with my wife and I brought that baseball cap just in case…and she looked at it and I saw her just glowing. She said, “That’s the guy I married.” She loves it. The audience loves it. I love it. There’s only one stressful part and that is going ahead and doing it! That’s the biggest obstacle. Just taking that step. I tell all of my friends to do it, do it, do it. Everyday that you don’t do it, is the day you look in the mirror and say, I wish my hair wasn’t thinning. Do it. Now! It’s easy.


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