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Hair Replacement Madison Wisconsin


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Hair Loss Solutions for Men & Women

  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Madison WI
  • Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy
  • Custom Human Hair Wigs
  • Hair Extensions
  • Salon Services
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Madison Hair Replacement Specialists

Avvair Hair Replacement Specialists Madison, Wisconsin

Founded over 30 years ago, Avvair Hair Replacement has come to be recognized and trusted as one of the foremost hair replacement studios in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Avvair offers a full range of hair restoration services including non-surgical hair replacement solutions for men and women, to human hair wigs, hair extensions, and non-surgical hair loss treatment solutions.

All of Avvair’s services are provided in a discreet, comfortable, private setting with a respectful atmosphere.

Avvair in Madison, Wisconsin provides a complete range of men’s non-surgical hair replacement and women’s hair loss solutions designed to meet the needs of each unique client. They have been able to help our clients in Madison and surrounding areas that have placed their trust in us as a way to lead the life they want.

Wisconsin’s Leading Hair Replacement Center

“Located in Madison, Wisconsin, we are a proud member of Transitions International Group. We are always participating in professional education programs like seminars, training classes, and certification programs to continue to provide our clients with techniques and information that are the most up to date. It is our goal to provide the best hair replacement solutions possible in Wisconsin.”

Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Avvair Hair Solutions in Madison, WI continues to be on the leading edge of men’s hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for men of all age groups and hair types. At Avvair Hair Solutions, you can restore not only your hair, but also your confidence in your appearance.

Avvair provides up-to-date men’s hair replacement solutions for men of all ages experiencing male pattern baldness, alopecia, and thinning hair.

Beautiful Hair Restoration Options for Women

Their individually customized non-surgical hair loss solutions for women include the most advanced hair loss solution allowing for an almost infinite degree of customization and options to meet the specific needs of each individual woman.

Avvair’s Madison hair loss treatment and hair replacement center provides beautiful, natural, and completely undetectable female hair replacement solutions that include beautiful non-surgical hair replacement systems, comprehensive hair loss treatment programs, and the very finest in 100% natural human hair wigs and hair extensions to give each woman who comes to Avvair with hair loss and thinning hair the confidence in their hair and their appearance that they deserve.

Get Answers Today

The best way to find out which hair loss solution is perfect for you is to schedule a private one-on-one consultation with a professional Avvair hair loss specialist. A typical consultation takes about an hour.