Hair loss in menopause is one of the less talked about symptoms but can be distressing for women to experience. It can also be overlooked, but here are five mistakes to avoid when experiencing female hair loss during menopause and what you can do about it.

Mistake 1: Missing the Early Signs

Amazingly, around 50 percent of hair loss can occur before it is obvious to the human eye. Look for those small signs of hair appearing thinner or a lack of volume. This, and other menopausal symptoms, could be the trigger you need to get advice from a doctor on the options to reduce your symptoms.

Mistake 2: Underestimating the Role of Hormones

During menopause, female hormone levels fall. This means that male hormone levels rise in women, and these can cause hair to thin out. The androgens have an effect on hair follicles, leading to them failing. Sometimes doctors prescribe testosterone-based hormone treatments to women, which also causes hair thinning and loss.

Mistake 3: Thinking the Problem Is Incurable

For women experiencing hair loss during menopause, there are solutions for this distressing problem. Some women like to use wigs or scarves to cover the hair loss. However, there are medical solutions such as platelet-rich plasma injections or laser therapy. A discussion with a hair loss specialist will enable you to explore various options to help your symptoms.

Mistake 4: Not Looking After Yourself

The psychological effects of hair loss can be devastating and have a huge emotional impact on women who experience this during menopause. This, combined with other hormonal changes, can be devastating for some women. During menopause, it is important to look after yourself with some “me time” and nurture your body with healthy food, good exercise and rest.

Mistake 5: Not Giving the Treatment Enough Time to Work

One of the biggest mistakes women make when they get treatment for hair loss is not giving it enough time to work. Things will not transform themselves overnight but will take several weeks and months before you see a difference. Using a wig or hat may help during this time. Don’t give up immediately but do persist with the treatment to give it a chance to work.

Recognizing the early signs of hair loss and looking after yourself by getting help are vital as you experience menopause. At Transitions Hair Loss Centers, we provide women with a diverse collection of hair loss solutions, including natural hair replacement systems. To find a hair loss center near you click here.


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