hair extensionsHair extensions are a way of increasing volume and length. Many people use them for special occasions but how do you know whether they are right for you? Read on to find out how to decide whether you should fit a hair extension.

Where Extensions Work Well

Hair extensions can be used to add highlights and color, or to lengthen a plate. They also add volume and length to hair and are used to accessorize with scarves or jewelry. Whether you are planning a party look or just want to experiment with highlights, hair extensions work well at enhancing your appearance.

Types of Hair Extension

Extensions are either made from synthetic or real hair. Real hair is usually more expensive but looks more natural. Both real and synthetic hair comes in a variety of shapes, styles and colors from a braid to a length of hair. The fixations are another feature of hair extensions. Some simply clip on to a base whereas others are taped in and fixed by a hairdresser. Others are braided and sewn in to the hairline by an experienced hair stylist. They are usually removed at 6-8 weeks to enable hair growth. Fused or pre-bonded hair is glued in and is more of a semi- permanent method. When choosing your hair extensions, you need to consider whether you want one that lasts a few days and can be removed easily or one that lasts longer.

How to Try a Hair Extension Out

It is very important to try a hair extension to see whether it suits your lifestyle and appearance. If you are planning hair extensions for a special occasion such as a wedding, get specialist advice and try a few styles, Don’t leave it to the final moment to get a hair extension as you may need to modify what you want. Try something simple first and use a good friend you know will give an honest opinion. If you are trying out hair extensions use them somewhere private first than at a large public event just in case you are not confident with the style.

Most people who try a hair extension love the experience and use them for a variety of occasions. By taking time to choose the correct one for you, the hair extension you select will enhance your appearance and fill you with confidence.

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