High-quality hair extensions are often made from human hair, but they require slightly more care than you might give your natural locks. Hair extensions can protect your own hair and preserve it from the rigors of chemical treatments and the elements, so pay heed to maintain and care for your extensions to help them last.

Preserve your hair extensions and protect them against harmful elements in everyday life:

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Your extensions should be cared for daily, and that includes shampooing and conditioning. Never buy hair products that contain sulfates, as these are damaging to your extensions. Also, be cognizant when washing to not pull on the hair as this can stretch and harm the extensions as well as any type of human hairpiece.

Use Less-Harmful Dyes. It is not uncommon to dye hair extensions but always work from the ends first. Apply the dye carefully, again not pulling at the extensions during the process. Use semi-permanent color and look for the following when shopping for dye:

Go with a shade darker when dying extensions, as these tend to come out lighter than your normal hair will when dyed. Never use permanent hair dyes, which can dry out and break your extensions. Shop for high-quality dye and buy organic products when possible, as these are gentler on your extensions.

Protect Your Hair Extensions from the Environment

While the type of products you use and the care you take with your hair extensions matters, so does the environment. There are many things in your everyday life that could be wreaking havoc with your hair. Consider the following environmental elements that can affect your extensions:

  • A daily diet that is deficient in important minerals and nutrients
  • Fog, smoke and pollution can impact the luster and look of your extensions
  • Medications that you take can affect your hair’s health and appearance
  • Stress can also take a toll on the condition of your natural hair as well as how it adapts to wearing extensions.

Take care of your hair extensions with these tips and they will last and last. Don’t try to cut corners when it comes to hair care products as these can negatively impact the look and longevity of your extensions or hair pieces. Visit a professional for more information regarding your hair extensions and how to best care for them.

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