Good Looking Hair and Bad Looking Hair: Beauty Myths Analyzed!

According to the National Cancer Institute there are over five hundred thousand chemicals that are used in hair products that are reported to be cancer causing. Various chemicals that are used to color, or even for permanents, hair perms, hair bleaching, and relaxing hair products, may damage hair. Sometimes products like this can cause dry and unhealthy hair. Many health professionals and dermatologists suggest that using these products on a limited basis may not cause permanent damage, but using them often may not be healthy and could lead to seriously damaged hair. However, these products are still used in the hopes of achieving beauty, or, what people call, “good looking hair.”

What is “Good Looking Hair?”

There are about one hundred thousand hairs on the average scalp. There are many colors, shapes and types of human hair. Curly, thick, straight, wavy, long, short, brown, blond, red, black, gray, and white are just a few characteristics of types of hair. Regardless of race or hairstyle, the basic composition of hair is the same. So, what makes one type of hair better than the other if they are generally the same type of make up?

The debate on what is good-looking hair and what is bad looking hair and what is seen as beautiful has been debated for a long time. Society’s traditions have determined what is perceived as good looking or bad looking hair and what is thought to be beautiful looking hair. The society standards are heavily reinforced though the media and in popular culture. Designer Zahiyya Abdul-Karim, owner of small apparel company called Region. Advocates for natural beauty in women, added her ideas to the good looking or bad looking hair debate. “Good hair is strong healthy hair. Using any chemicals to hair makes it weak and damages the hair. You are better off using less chemicals in your hair.”

Good-looking hair does not just stop at what you use on your head. Physicians on WebMD argue, “When it comes to healthy looking hair, it’s not just what you use on your head or hair that count—eating the right is just as important.” Lotions that are natural and organic can be a great start, but don’t end it there. Eating meals that are balanced and following an eating plan is another huge step in the right direction. Once you begin to care for your body, your hair will begin to see the benefits.

Being positive proves helpful for your self-esteem and overall well-being. One step in the right direction is getting yourself to see the beauty you have in yourself, so that when you look in the mirror you begin seeing positive changes.


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