There’s nothing like a brand-new hairstyle to add some magic to the holidays. And since there’s so little time for costly hair salon visits, why not do what the celebrities do, and create your own fantasy style by adding an elegant hair extension?

Female Hair Loss Specialists - Non-surgical Hair RestorationBefore shopping for hair extensions, it’s a good idea to first choose the look you’re going for. For super glam occasions, you can’t go wrong with luxurious cascading waves or dazzling updo styles. For more casual events, you can create classy braids and ponytails with a simple extension or two. To make things more fun, extensions come in a variety of lengths, shades and styles, so you can have a blast changing from straight to curly, or from blonde to brunette, in a matter of minutes.

To help you get started, here’s a look at four hairstyles, augmented by hair extensions, that can rock your looks this holiday season.

Twist and shout

A twisted updo is one of the simplest, yet one of the most elegant hairstyles on the planet. The right extension can help you create an alluring updo with the perfect fullness and length. To make it even lovelier (and more secure), be sure to add a twist or two while you’re attaching it. And if you’re in the mood to go full retro, you can achieve an authentic 1960s beehive look with the right size extension, plus a bit of backcombing.

Release your Inner Mermaid

Who says mermaids can’t party? With a curly hair extension or two, you can rock your inner mermaid all night, without losing a single curl to heat or humidity. Choose long, full, curly or wavy extensions, the more the merrier, and simply clip them on, blending them in with your natural hair. For even more fun, choose extensions in sea green or teal colors, or choose bright red to make your look more festive. And with all that hair cascading down, why not add a few sparkling Christmas ornaments as well?

Elegant Bun

If you love all things vintage, indulge your fancies with an elegant Victorian bun [1]. You can buy an extension that’s already styled into shape, or style it yourself. Just attach it to the back, blending in your surrounding hair as smoothly as you can. Whether you wear it on top, halfway down, or at the nape of your neck, you can’t go wrong with this iconic look.

Endless Ponytail

If you’ve picked up a fashion magazine anytime during the Kardashian era, you’ve already seen how stunningly simple a long, endless ponytail can be when paired with evening wear. To achieve this look, all it takes is a simple long extension — the longer, the better — that you can attach in seconds. Just clip it on, add a hair tie or sparkling barrette, and you’ll stop the show wherever you go.

Whether it’s straight or curly, gathered in an elegant updo or falling in a fabulous cascade of waves, a hair extension will add fullness and volume to your natural hair for the holidays. Whether you live in San Jose, California or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, or anywhere in between, if you’re experiencing hair loss, be sure to get in touch with a Transitions Hair Replacement Studio near you to learn about all your hair replacement and hair restoration options.