hair lossWhen a woman loses her hair it can be a traumatic and distressing time. Learning to live with the experience in a positive way is a vital part of the recovery process so that hair loss is part of the person’s identity. This article highlights ways of making hair loss a positive experience.

Join a Support Group

One of the best ways of coping with it is to connect with others in a similar position. There are online forums which are great for those living a distance from a big city or who don’t feel like socializing in person. Face to face groups exist too, and both these and online forums will help connect people to each other where they can share experiences.

Maintain a Positive Self Esteem

With hair loss it is all too easy to feel downhearted and feel a lack confidence as a consequence of the change in appearance. Using motivational behavior techniques, women with hair loss can promote positivity. Examples include making a list of everything that is positive about you and working on some simple techniques to boost confidence.

Some women make a feature of the alopecia by decorating their head, wearing flamboyant hats, or choosing stylish wigs. Accessorizing with scarves and jewelry is another way of creating a positive appearance and learning to live with alopecia. Each woman is different and the approach will vary depending on what works for them.

Accept the Change

One of the important things for a woman with hair loss to do is to feel empowered by it, whether it is a short or long-term problem. Focusing energy on positive attributes helps people deal with a problem and spend less time on worrying about appearance. Working with friends and family to understand it is vital as they can support with a number of things such as having the confidence to go to an event. Positivity and strong self-esteem are vital in learning how to live with it as a woman.

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