extensions for thinning hairSometimes, there is no such thing as too much. There are some occasions, where over the top is simply the order of the day. Yes, ordinarily that stunning dress with those classic heels and reverse French braid hairdo would be overkill for that dinner out, that awards banquet, and quite honestly for most ordinary events. Our prom, however, is anything but another ordinary event or occasion and it deserves something more than our ordinary hairstyles too.

Hair Extensions: Rock the Prom & Your World

The truth is, you are going to go all-in on that amazing evening dress, right? And you also aren’t going to spare a penny to get the best accessories from nails and shoes to makeup, right? So, when it comes to prom hairstyles, only the best will do. This day, ordinary isn’t good enough, and extraordinary is what you want.

Is it an updo like a Magnificent Braided High Bun or a Long Romantic Updo that you are thinking about? Or is it something more down such as a Bright Blonde Pull Through Braid or a Long Greek Chignon hairstyle you are considering? From the hairstyles like the Fun & Formal Pony Style types to the elegant updo braided options, Prom means too much isn’t too much, and it is when over the top fashion is not only acceptable but expected.

Look, the fellas don’t wear top hats or tuxedos for just any occasion. No, this is Prom, and the bigger the better, including your hair. So, are you ready ladies, to dawn the hottest hairstyles and steal the night with your over-the-top best?

Expect the Hottest in This Year’s Prom Hairstyles

This year, we can expect the prom hairstyles and fashion statements to be bigger and bolder than ever, especially after coming through this trying period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of those styles will probably fall on the side of the type of updo elegance seen in the most royal forums, including the Elegant Side Updo looks to the Multi Texture looks.

The other popular options you might expect to see adorning Prom night photos are the down styles like Grecian Goddess hairdos to Half-Up styles. And don’t worry, this is the Prom, so if you need or want hair extensions to make that look happen, or to complete your hairdo, then now is the time.

If you want more information about hair extensions or need to schedule an appointment, then contact a Transitions Hair Loss center today, and let us help you get ready for Prom. 

Total Hair Loss Solutions for Thinning Hair

And if you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, the best way to determine which hair loss solution is right for you is to meet privately with a professional hair restoration specialist near you. A typical consultation takes about an hour. We will contact you to schedule your private, no obligation consultation at a time that is most convenient for you.

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